Care of the delicate eye area

The area around the eye is ten times thinner than the area on the face. What's worse is that, it gets thinner as we age. Exposure to the sun and the other effects of humidity further cause thinning and erosion of the skin. Thus, you need to really look after your skin to prevent premature wrinkling and darkening of the skin. Dehydration, and the intake of food that is too salty could further result in under eye puffiness. As it is also the most delicate part of the eye, it would be one of the first areas to show signs of aging.
In choosing product for the eye, ensure that it is oil-free as products containing oil increase the likelihood of clogged glands around the eyes and this in turn, leads to other problems.
That is why Nuetriherbs chose only the finest ingredients to help you maintain youthful skin. Its Anti Aging & Dark Eye Circle Eye Cream is made up of ingredients like Pearl Powder, Amino Acids and Vitamin E. As such, this combination would activate skin renewal and hydrates the skin around the eyes to give you a youthful appearance.