Pressure Point Your Way to Beautiful Skin

I am a self professed acupuncture convert. It happened a year ago when I was having a paralysing migraine - throwing up ever so badly, even after drinking 2 sips of water. The cafergot pill for migraine prescribed by my doctor earlier had not worked at all. In desperation I reached for my handphone for rescue. I Googled, while I felt my world spinning, "acupuncture points for headaches and migraine". I followed the instructions and after what seemed like eternity (but it must have been only 20min at the most), I fell asleep. I woke up 2 hours later feeling like I had never been bit by the wicked migraine. I became a true believer after that, downloading a few more apps on my phone on acupuncture or pressure points.

The more I learn about the ancient Asian form of self healing, the more in love with it I became. There are also some acupuncture points to get good skin and reduce signs of aging. I tried it on mom - and she's looking younger everyday.

Try it! You've got nothing to loose!

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