5 Tips on How to Wear the Chokers

Chokers have a long history that began as early as the 18th century but you know what?!! They are now back in style! The historical origin of chokers are diverse and colorful. For instance, during the French Revolution, women took to wearing red ribbons around their necks to pay homage to those who met their death at the guillotine. Since then, chokers are worn by ballerinas and fashionable ladies from across all cultures.

The resurgence of chokers came in the 90s when celebrities donned these accessories for Red Carpet events. So, if you want to look cool these days, you need to buy one, really.

Here are some tips on how to wear chokers. Have fun and happy spending! ;)

1. Chokers for the Boho Chic babes.

Simple chokers like the one below add to the classic yet very popular Boho look. To ace the look, choose an earthy and flowly Boho dress and ankle boots.

2. Mix Chokers and Long Necklace for Sophisticated Look

This look enhance your street style. Let your imagination flow and mix and match the combination of long necklaces with the chokers to give yourself a distinctive alluring look.

3. The Statement Choker to Look Stunning

If you have a great looking, chunky and unique choker that looks great on you, then you will definitely be making a statement with this choker. Plain color clothes goes best with this look and avoid chunky earrings as it brings the focus away from your choker.

4. If you are opting for the Hippie - Gypsy Look 

This choker is suitable for casual top such as T shirts and V neck blouses.

5. Metal Choker for the Diva Look

This choker works best when worn with an elegant mini dress, preferably the off-shoulder kind. The necklace will be the center piece of your clothing, to complete your overall fashionista look. 

So, have fun trying out the various styles. The important thing to remember is to wear your style with confidence!