"Boho Home" Your Living Space ;)

Why not use this end year to "Boho Home" your living space? Creating a bohemian themed home or living area is always fun and easy and, you are limited only my your imagination! What you need to do is just throw any art pieces together, mix vintage with contemporary and mix colors and patterns and then presto! You have created for yourself a free spirited and inspiring abode!

Inspiration ideas for Boho homes : credit "The Travel Hack - Stylish Adventure Blog"

Here are some tips on how to get started:

For a start, you could begin by taking small steps like adding a dash of color and charm to a plain sofa with these uplifting colorful cushion covers from ubellestyle.com. Click on the images to link to website.

2. Spice up a cosy corner of the house with these colorful tapestry. Then add plants and cushions around the area to make it look inviting. Click on the images to link to website.


3. Add a touch of magic in your home with these dainty beautiful dream catchers.. Click on the images to link to website.

Get more boho home deco ideas with our products at https://www.ubellestyle.com/collections/tapestry-deco