Heal with the Trees - the Boho-Hippie way

The boho or the hippie way of life is one that goes against conventional lifestyle. It is about being free spirited, so Bohemians are largely associated with being wanderers and adventurers. It is not surprising therefore, that many of them are associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment in their political or social viewpoints. Instead, they focus more on love and frugality. In the modern context, Bohemianism may even come to be linked to anti consumerism and the movement towards peace and love for fellow human beings, nature and life in general.

Thus, in the spirit of being Bohemian that practice the love for nature, we feature today the practice of Tree Healing.In almost every culture, trees with healing powers therein lies many stories and practices of how the tree heals. 

It is believed that every tree is a powerful source of spiritual healing that can help your own immune system to fight any illness or sorrow. Trees are a rich source of earth healing, in part, because they have roots that penetrate deep below the surface layer of soil. 

It has been proven that they give out positive vibes capable of healing us spiritually, emotionally and some believe, even physically. Try sitting against a tree in a forest that may be hundreds or even thousand years old. Old trees such as the Yews can live more than two thousand years and some oaks a thousand years old. a lot of accumulated power and wisdom. Believers of tree healing swear that they feel emotionally uplifted and their well being restored just by being close to a tree. 

The idea is to find your "special tree" that resonates with you or connects with you. Do Not underestimate the "power" of small trees in a pot either as when placed strategically, it can create that healing space at your chosen area indoors. For instance, two or three bonsai trees or the lucky bamboo plant indoors may well release the healing energy needed to calm the negative vibes of that area.

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