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"Swimming" with the Dolphins

Generally dolphins, the adorable sea mammal that we are all too familiar with, are prolific symbols throughout many different societies and religions throughout the ages, dating all the way back to Biblical times. There have been numerous meanings associated with the dolphin but most run along the line of dolphins being the objects of prosperity and well-being. They are often thought of as being friendly, cheerful and social creature. So, whether you're putting on a dolphin pendant, earrings or other jewelry featuring a dolphin symbol, the meaning of the piece rests on what you want to make of it!  If you’re looking for a deeper meaning to attach to your beloved dolphin emblazoned jewelry, do consider the meanings associated with this...

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Wearing the Boho chic earrings

Swinging or dangly earrings works best with the Boho look. These earrings are often made of a combination of metal and natural stones. Earrings lined with feathers and leather are are common sight for the Boho chic look. In line with everything Boho, the best solution is often to find natural shades and materials. Whatever you decide to do, remember that part of looking great is being confident about how you look! Smile often and shine, you are beautiful! <3

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