Top 5 Boho -Hippie Sayings

We searched and hunted the internet to find for you what we think are the top 5 Boho-Hippie quotes. The top 5 are:

5. Kindness Matters 

A good reminder that Kindness cost nothing but means everything

4. Dance in the sun. This resonates so much with the free spirit ideal of Boho lifestyle : the picture itself makes you want to go out and dance in the sun - what a happy thought!


3. Definition of a bohemian - it's all good to want to trust that we should all believe in truth, freedom and love.

2. This quote brings a message of hope and sweet wishes for those who matters to you, in a very selfless, boho-hippie way ;)

1. This is ubellestyle's favorite so far as it reminds us how that it is only after going through the the hardship that you will bloom and grow. What a profound saying to live by, especially if you are a little discouraged. ;)

What do you think? Do you agree with our top 5? What is your favorite saying?