Would you be their voice?

Elephants - to me, they are the big, majestic mammals that ought to be respected for what they are. However, cases of elephants abuse is rampant : some have been snatched from their natural environment to "serve" humans - either for entertainment like circus or for touristy rides. Some have also been "trained" to be working animals,  moving heavy logs and other items in areas where there isn’t machinery to do it. In part, this is due to the elephant’s incredible capacity for knowledge, understanding, learning and insight, they have proved to be most useful to human beings. Sadly, there have been many cases of abuse. Some are even poached for their ivory tusks.

Here's some stories of the plight of these poor animals.

In honour of the Hippie quote, "KINDNESS MATTERS" would you be the voice of these creatures? Tell their story for them..