Don't waste it!


Have you been scammed?! You probably think not. But being brainwashed into believing that brand names equate to better quality and ‘cool factor’ in fashion and merchandise might well fit into the category of being scammed. While in some cases branded bag as I call it, does have its own distinct quality, it may not be the case ALL the time.

For billions of people around the world, they would be rather sad or feel out of place unless their fashion items such as watches, clothes, handbags, shoes, cars or other material possession  that they buy are made  and design by their favorite  brand. But you know what? These designers at times charge exorbitant amounts of money for products that often cost them almost the same price as it cost Kmart or Walmart to make their products. Get the picture?

Besides, having famous celebrity endorsing these products makes consumers even more vulnerable as they will be brainwashed into thinking that those products really make them cooler like their favourite stars. So..what do you think? Would you rather be part of the crowd that owns branded bag or have your own style with bag that are reasonably good so that you could put the rest of your hard earned money to pay off bills and travel around the world?