How To Pick The Right Handbag For Your Style? (Part 1)

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Women crave handbags almost all the time but we are always held back by difficult choices when saying yes to the bag. When contemplating a bag for yourself do consider the following :

- does it fit my lifestyle?

- does it fit my style?

- does it fit my budget? 

I think one of the most sensible decision any woman can make when considering a bag is to really ensure that it is NOT OVERPRICED. I have heard horror stories of how, amongst us, we would go on 12 month installment plan just to get that "label" on the bag. Common! You are better than that - the label don't define you! uBelleStyle, we  strongly promote that you forget the label and be practical when you embark on the great hunt for your bag. Afterall, having your own style is better than having a label, right?


Besides the advantage of various carrying options, these type of bags are versatile and it probably suit those of us who prefer not to change bags too often. It's dainty and  is multi faceted, allowing you to get away with 1 bag from day to night and from weekdays to weekends.

We love the clean lines and unique trapeze shaped bag from Jessie and Jane. Versatile and elegant, this beauty is a great addition to any girl's wardrobe!

This Galanti bag encapsulates modern fashion trends with vintage appeal. You will look great with it!

Intricately crafted and skilfully embroidered, this adorable bag makes a bold statement of distinct sense of individuality.



However, if you intend to "travel light" for the day, then we recommend you take the clutch with you. 

If you give a "hoot" about looking good, then this pretty little clutch would definitely be for you. Stylish and pretty it will have others talking about you all evening.

 Add some spice to your daily look with this stunning Leather Zipper Clutch Bag.

Make a grand entrance and dazzle the evening with the Long Tassel Beaded Evening Clutch 

Stay tuned for our review of shoulder bags and totes in the next post <3.


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