What's your Color?

The color of a person's  clothes, they say, reflect a lot about her.

This is because the colors themselves carry a lot of emotions. And when colors are combined differently, they also create affect the person's mood differently. Interesting eh? I just discovered that myself... ;P

Studies shown that colors act upon the body as well as the mind of the person donning the clothes. Red, often associated with passion and drive, has been shown to stimulate the senses and raise the blood pressure. Thus, when a person goes into a casino, and is placed under red tinted lights, for example, there is a tendency for her to take more risk and even gamble harder. That explains why many gambling institutions use red neon.

Blue, on the other hand,  has the opposite effect and calming the mind and body. So if you want to stay calm during an important presentation, blue perhaps is the color for the day.


So what it be for you this weekend? Calming blue or feisty red?

Whatever your pick is, look through ubellestyle collection for more ideas.