Crochet Bags for the Chic Boho Look <3

If you need a bag that is stylish and trendy and brings out the bohemian chic in you, then, you need to get one of those flower crochet boho bags. They are dainty, cute and adds a pleasant charm to your overall appearance. 

Take for instance, the above crochet bucket bag with flower patterns. Its drawstring feature makes it easy to put things in and pull things out of the bag and it is most suitable for that evening walk in the beach. So throw in your suntan lotion and get going! Price : $32.99

For a quick shopping trip to the mall, the vintage knitted bag with tassels will give you approving nods from the fashion experts. It is just the right size to fit in your wallet and maybe a lipstick and compact powder. Then sling it across your shoulder. It keeps your hands free to browse around your favorite stuff, knowing that your wallet is securely tucked near you. Price : $32.99 @