What does your bag reveals about you?

Women and their bags are inextricably linked - that is in part, because, they form an extension of us  - most of us lug our lives in in our bags! So, what bag they ultimately choose, may just give some sneaky ideas about what kind of person they are and the roles they play.

Those of us who prefers to carry small handbags : These women seem more in control with their lives as they are selective and they know their priorities. Carrying small bag indicates they ability to sieve out unnecessary items and them carrying the essentials. A behavior analyst states that these women are most likely the ones who are also very tidy and organised. Turns out that being able to keep what you need in such small space means you are meticulous about only weighing in on the essential items.


Those of us who prefers to carry large bags : These women are prepared for anything but they may be complicated. In the large bag that they lug around are "extras" of everything from lip gloss to that extra notebook, after all, you can never tell when an inspiration may strike to write that poem that you held back since 19. It could also mean that you are a die hard romantic, always distracted by the wonderful things in life - but you are also fun loving and adventurous.

So..which kind of person are you?

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