Work Bag Upgrade :)

Bags have become an essential item for the working girl. She can never have too many bags but at times, the issue is about getting the ideal bag, the kind that suits your outfit and even your mood for the day while meeting the basic function of keeping your belongings safely tucked. The “happy problem” becomes even more critical these days as the variety of bags available increase in abundance. This metamorphosis of bags may indeed complicate matters more. Afterall, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice between a bag that meets your practical need versus the one that is “just too cute” not to have.

Ubellestyle has rounded up some of the best work bags that would be suitable for the working girl so that she looks polished and elegant.  Looking polished need not be expensive and it does not have to mean that you have to ditch your hard earned money for that overpriced branded bags. Perhaps the bags just need to be big enough for you to carry your big career dreams :* 

1. Tall Sequined Big Zipper Handbag  

Contemporary in design, it exudes confidence and charm.

2.  Ecosusi Hollow Out Vintage Handbag 

Neatly sewn with many internal compartments, this pretty vintage handbag combines class with elegance.

3. Jessie & Jane Top-Handle Leather Handbag

The iconic top handle leather bag from Jesse & Jane collection continues to be the perfect addition to every wardrobe. 

4. Galanti Top-handle Classic Handbag

 The simple structure of Galanti top-handle classic bag, along with its timeless design and vintage look made it instantly popular. 

5. Galanti Classic Exotic Pattern Pillow Handbag

Classic distinct geometric pattern adorns the beautiful handbag giving it a classic look.


6. Galanti Sepertine Handbag

What sets this bag apart from the rest is its irresistibly elegant serpentine look, crafted with neat lines and delicate strap.

7. Galanti Trapeze Vintage Handbag

Featuring the Trapeze Vintage Handbag from the Glanti series, known for its unique patchwork pattern and sleek look.

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