The advantages of having a wooden watch ;)

Recently, wooden watches have made headlines with their unique qualities and styles. Many of these watches are masterpieces in their own rights, being meticulously handcrafted to enhance its quality.

1: Wooden watches are enduring and classic. You can hardly go wrong with wooden watches as they can fit almost any style. Take for instance, the Bewell Watch, one of the more popular brand of wood watch.  One of the best things about the Bewell watches is its exquisite style. Afterall, Bewell watches are hand crafted by skilled engineers who combine the special use of excellent wood materials with high tech materials to produce a practical timepieces of excellent quality and are more sustainable.

**Click the image to see the range of Bewell watches from Ubellestyle.

2. Energy Saving and Good for the Skin Too! If you are going for the more casual style, Bobobird series has a range of fun and exciting collection to better suite you. Makers from Bobobird made the following claims about their watches:

- The watch uses 100% Japanese Miyota Quartz movement,

- It is Energy Saving, Ultra-quiet, Long-Life time

- Handmade Construction with Natural Materials, Great for those with skin allergies.

** Click on the watches below to see BoboBird collection from

3. Makes you an environmental champion  Mother Earth can do with some help from all of US! Wooden watches are not only the perfect accessory but wearing a piece of nature on your wrist helps spread the message that you care about the environment and in doing so, hopefully inspire the rest to do the same. 

So, give these great timepieces a chance and get one for yourself or your loved today!